[kj] Killing Joke in the Age of Trump

Alexander Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 26 20:25:03 EST 2017

At the risk of possibly re-igniting the surreally hostile thread I participated in back in November (wherein certain member of our estimable collective got a bit combative on the subject of the election to the point where I actually left the fold for a bit), I’m wondering how everyone’s feeling only six days into the era of Trump as President.

My feelings haven’t changed. I still believe it was an incalculable mistake.

But what about you?

More relevant to this list … where are Messrs. Coleman, Walker, Glover and Ferguson? I know Youth has weighed in periodically on FB about Trump (he, unsurprisingly, does not appear to be a acolyte), but I’m positively gagging to hear what Jaz and BPF have to say about him.

Anyway, let’s hear your thoughts. I promise not to swan off like jilted prom queen. I’m just wondering what this largely Euro-centric (right?) group of folks have to say at this point.

The mood here in NYC, suffice to say, is not positive.

Cheers, you fuckers.

Alex in NYC.

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