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I`m happy Trump got in. Fucking overjoyed actually.

Seem to recall there was a post on here around August from someone in the UK I think

declaring he didn`t have a prayer. Mmmm.

I think Jaz mentioned he was more relieved that Hillary didn`t get in but he seems to change his views like the weather on these things.

He seemed to be really revelling in teasing the UK audiences about `How is your Brexit going?` etc but I also heard he was `50/50` on that

(strange for someone who seems to jump on people for being `fence sitters.`)

Jaz ws very outspoken on TIPP so now Trump has killed TPP I`m sure he is revelling in that presumably dying..

I don`t think BPF likes him but can`t speak for others. He put up a John Pilger piece which was very anti Trump during the election..

Geordie no idea but a big supporter of EU so I hear.

Youth I assume is wearing a Pink Pussy hat and waving a placard with a crying polar bear on it or something...

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At the risk of possibly re-igniting the surreally hostile thread I participated in back in November (wherein certain member of our estimable collective got a bit combative on the subject of the election to the point where I actually left the fold for a bit), I?m wondering how everyone?s feeling only six days into the era of Trump as President.

My feelings haven?t changed. I still believe it was an incalculable mistake.

But what about you?

More relevant to this list ? where are Messrs. Coleman, Walker, Glover and Ferguson? I know Youth has weighed in periodically on FB about Trump (he, unsurprisingly, does not appear to be a acolyte), but I?m positively gagging to hear what Jaz and BPF have to say about him.

Anyway, let?s hear your thoughts. I promise not to swan off like jilted prom queen. I?m just wondering what this largely Euro-centric (right?) group of folks have to say at this point.

The mood here in NYC, suffice to say, is not positive.

Cheers, you fuckers.

Alex in NYC.


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