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Hello Anthony,

Great story about Geordie & the gig.  Weird that 20 is underage in the US.  Most UK gatherers probably went to their first gig before they were 16!  Possibly not legally, but...

Regarding what I expect from the one-offs - can't speak for anyone else of course... I think the problem in recent years has been that KJ have become slightly pigeon-holed with metal etc, and so the collaboration opportunities seem to be relatively growly / grungey type stuff.  I don't think that's an accident, because KJ themselves have become more growly.  But the best bits of the Joke for me are when they can't be pigeon-holed - Pssyche, Follow the Leaders, Empire Song, New Day, Kings and Queens, Mathematics of Chaos, European Super State, Ghosts, Big Buzz, Snakedance.  Mixing that hard-edge with a dance beat.  Since that's the distinctive quality of the Joke, it's unlikely that collaborations with anyone else are going to manage it.  KJ themselves don't always manage it!

My favourite collaboration by a mile is Songs from the Victorious City.  Great that it came out at roughly the same time as Extremities.



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Hi.   Been on this list for years...different email address...just never participated because I was too stupid to figure it out how to post.   

I like the 1st Levee Walkers track. The 2nd track with piano is a bit slow and cumbersome.   What I do like about the 1st track  is that it has the Pacific Northwest Sound and Jaz's vocals blend  great with that sound.
Jaz had done a single for quite a few bands over the years, October File comes to mind off the top of my head.   I thought that was cool.  I'm not sure what gatherer is expecting from these one-offs???

What was the G7???   Is this referring to the ODIC lectures?   I have a book from one of those invents which Jaz printed and distributed...this is decades before the Letters in Cythera.    On the wine...I have found members of Killing Joke to be amazingly generous to their fans.   Jaz has give me items out of the blue or passed them on thru someone else to give out.   When I was 23 and my wife was 20 (underage, not 21), Geordie did not know us but let us hang out with him backstage for 2 hours before the gig so we could watch the gig as she wasn't old enough in the venue.  Oh, she was pregnant too.   What an awesome cool cat Geordie was.  There was alot more to this story but I've kept it brief  Peace out fellow Gatherers.   

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