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One of the most unbelievable aspects of the whole thing is that Farage believes he is now in a position of strength. Now he can make demands: "Now we can go to the EU and get the kind of deal our parents should have had in 1973."

Thanks to the referendum result, we now have nothing to offer the EU in return for concessions, so where exactly is the incentive to give us a good deal?

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 >The whole
 leave premise was a lie.
 Which is disgusting. As I have said, I know
 people who were swayed to the leave camp purely on those
 lies, notably the infamous nhs one. In a sane world it
 should render the whole process null and void. It's
 essentially vote rigging.
 Consumer law protects us from false claims and basically
 being ripped off. 
 Been mis-sold a PPI? Make a claim
 Been mis-sold a product? Return it
 Been mis-sold a referendum...?
 It's galling that in 2016 politicians can still lie and
 deliberately mislead with impunity, especially over
 something as huge as leaving the EU.
 Ironically, the xenophobes chanting 'youre going
 home' have been ripped off too as no one's going to
 be sent anywhere. 
 Worrying times however you look at it. I'm wondering
 when the riots will start.
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