[kj] (OT) The Saga Continues

fatpotanga . fatpotanga at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 12:21:53 EDT 2016

>The whole leave premise was a lie.

Which is disgusting. As I have said, I know people who were swayed to the
leave camp purely on those lies, notably the infamous nhs one. In a sane
world it should render the whole process null and void. It's essentially
vote rigging.
Consumer law protects us from false claims and basically being ripped off.
Been mis-sold a PPI? Make a claim
Been mis-sold a product? Return it
Been mis-sold a referendum...?
It's galling that in 2016 politicians can still lie and deliberately
mislead with impunity, especially over something as huge as leaving the EU.
Ironically, the xenophobes chanting 'youre going home' have been ripped off
too as no one's going to be sent anywhere.
Worrying times however you look at it. I'm wondering when the riots will
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