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Dance With Me and Live for Today are both great tracks. Dance With Me was the first song I heard, loved it straight away. Not quite so struck by the rest of the album. Third album seems (on a scattered listening, anyway) to have been a much more energetic affair.

I should have listened to them decades ago. The weirdo image would have been a big selling point!

Envious of anyone who could get to seem KJ and the Lords on the same night! 


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 So they did - I'd forgotten.  The
 Lords were one of my favourite bands in the mid-eighties.
 I saw them by accident at my first ever gig - the
 Damned at Hammy Palais - and was blown away, mostly by
 Stiv.'s charisma and energy, and by Brian James'
 guitar playing.  I went home and bought the 7" picture
 disk of Russian Roulette, and then the first album as soon
 as I could find it, and saw them again as soon as I could,
 at the Clarendon I think, maybe with the Guana Batz
 supporting.  If memory serves, that was the gig where I
 tried to stop someone from getting pulverised by a
 psychobilly who was absolutely huge.  I tried to grab his
 arm to stop him taking a swing at the unfortunate victim,
 and my hand didn't go half-way round his biceps.  He
 turned round and swung a haymaker at me - all I had to do
 was duck below the level of the crowd, and it passed over
 the top of my head.  If he'd connected I'd have
 been out cold.  Another equally scrawny punk grabbed his
 other arm, and he turned and swung at him.  T'other lad
 ducked as well, so I popped up, grabbed the arm again, and
 then had to duck again.  The three of us carried on like
 that for what felt like an age, but was probably only about
 30 seconds... luckily long enough for the original target to
 disappear into the crowd.
 Anyway, I felt they went downhill fast when the second
 album came out - just a little bit too concerned with their
 weirdo image and not enough with playing hard and fast punk
 rock (or so I thought at the time).  I really liked Live
 for Today and Dance with Me, but the rest of the album was
 Hence by the summer of '86, they weren't enough
 to get me to go to Reading for 3 days, so I just went for
 Friday to see t'Joke.
 Memory lane, eh...
 Not-quite-so-scrawny Jamie
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 They both appeared at Reading
 festival in 86. http://www.ukrockfestivals.com/reading-86.html
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 A list about
 all things Killing Joke (the band!)
 [kj] Joke + Lords of the New
 Afternoon people!
 It's a few decades too late, but I've recently
 discovered that the Lords of the New Church were actually
 rather good. Not entirely surprised to discover that there
 are a few connections between the Lords and KJ. They're
 both on the Weird Science soundtrack,
  for example.
 Yesterday I read an interview with Brian James that mentions
 the Lords doing a tour of France with Killing Joke in the
 mid-80s. The Lords were trying out a two-guitar line-up.
 Does anyone have any further details on this tour? Dates,
 places, etc? Was it a two-headliner
  tour, and if not, who was support?
 Does anyone know of any further connection between the two
 Help much appreciated!
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