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I feel exactly the same when I hear 'Octopus Garden' or 'Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da'. Greatest band in the world? Maybe if the only two bands in the world were The Beatles and Steps. It would still be close though.

Nothing from them comes even close to 'Gimme Shelter'.

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 Ha!  Entertaining guide to *really*
 old music.
 Totally agree about the Stones.  Can't see what
 all the fuss is about.
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 having grown up
 listening to the Mamas and the Papas, Beatles, Stones,
 Supertramp and Genesis on full blast probably cos my parents
 were shagging downstairs i had come to the following
 1)Mamas & Papas-Tunes!
 2)Beatles-best one George
 3)Stones-Utter Shit
 4)Supertramp-best ever singing voice I've heard
 live-Roger Hodgson-We've seen him a few times now.
 5)Genesis-they were listening to the early stuff.Since
 then I think two of the best tracks I've heard live are
 in the cage medley and second home by the sea because of the
 2 drummers bouncing off each other.But..I saw them with Ray
 Wilson on vocals and they were brilliant-all that new stuff
 was written mainly by Tony Banks,one of the most underated
 musicians of our time and i was just filing away my cds and
 i always like to look at the credits and looked at Tony
 Banks early 90s release-drums by Geoff Dugmore!They must
 have had pots of money to burn.For all you OTG followers
 Tony Banks is the man.
 So I would like to hear an album with music composed by
 Geordie and Tony Banks as a side project of course.
 Thanks for your patience
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