[kj] Stand-In Keyboard Player for KJ Europe Fall Tour:

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Correct; I checked the Interwebs and he played on "XXV" in 2005 and left shortly after. It's been Reza ever since.

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Hasn't he been on keyboards for all gigs since the 2005, 25th anniversary gigs? Those were Nick holliwell-walker last gigs I think

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I noticed that Inertia were touring the US at almost the same time as KJ were playing Europe this fall. I messaged the Inertia band page and Reza himself eventually replied that there would be a stand-in for most or all the KJ tour. Too bad, but needs must when the devil drives, I suppose. Inertia have a tentative date here in Minneapolis so at least I'll get a chance to see the man in his milieu. Reza's done every show since, what, the 2003-04 tours? Before, even?
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