[kj] Geordie's favourite KJ gig - Trafalgar Square 1980

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Wed Sep 16 09:11:47 EDT 2015

Peter Watts recently interviewed KJ members for the September issue of 'Uncut' in Lancaster Gate. From his 'Great Wen' blog:
"As guitarist Kevin "Geordie" Walker recalled: "My favourite gig was the CND rally in Trafalgar Square. 80,000 people saw us play on the steps of the National Gallery in 1980. Jaz told them: "Margaret Thatcher has bought all these cruise missiles and all you can do is stand waving a fucking placard. You deserve all you are going to get. This one's called "Wardance". It kicked off. It was a killer. We never got invited back and I suspect that's why we never done Glastonbury cos it's the same hippy crowd and they remember."
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