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So is the deluxe LP that is on Aamazon not on coloured vinyl and does not have the lenticular sleeve ?Cause it's hell of a lot cheaper than Pledge.


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> Squeegee wrote:
> FWIW, the "deluxe" LP also has a "lenticular" cover and "translucent" vinyl.
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> It would be nice if they included some copies of the deluxe LP in black
> vinyl as an audiophile pressing.  I'll be buying both the standard and
> deluxe versions just to get the main album on black vinyl in hopefully
> decent quality.  Multiple copies of MMXII I've bought were warped and
> Absolute Dissent just sounds like ass, I have flexidiscs that sound better.
> Basically, I have not been impressed with the quality of the pressings of
> *any* KJ album since Hosannas with the one exception being the "In Dub" set
> which was dead quiet and of really exceptional quality.  I think a lot of it
> has to do with the poor quality (various colored) vinyl they've been using
> the past decade.
> T.B.
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