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Sat Sep 12 11:37:36 EDT 2015

Gathering [mailto:gathering-bounces at misera.net] On Behalf Of Rheinhold
Squeegee wrote:

FWIW, the "deluxe" LP also has a "lenticular" cover and "translucent" vinyl.


It would be nice if they included some copies of the deluxe LP in black
vinyl as an audiophile pressing.  I'll be buying both the standard and
deluxe versions just to get the main album on black vinyl in hopefully
decent quality.  Multiple copies of MMXII I've bought were warped and
Absolute Dissent just sounds like ass, I have flexidiscs that sound better.
Basically, I have not been impressed with the quality of the pressings of
*any* KJ album since Hosannas with the one exception being the "In Dub" set
which was dead quiet and of really exceptional quality.  I think a lot of it
has to do with the poor quality (various colored) vinyl they've been using
the past decade.


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