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that was at the Koko and it was definitely the worst sound I've ever heard at a killing joke gig and that's saying something. I couldn't even make out one of the tracks - which I later by a process of elimination decided was Majestic
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That's an interesting take on the whole thing. Never thought of it like that.
When was that gig in Camden when it was just Jaz and Geordie plus two other blokes?
I thought that really was the end of the line - amazing how such a turnaround happened, considering.
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Totally agree Alex. It's crap and the title video is embarrassing. 
I have often thought that if Raven hadn't died, they'd have self destructed.
In some ways ravens metal connections saved them by giving the band a platform and a new audience and his untimely death saved them again, healed wounds and brought everything full circle. A phoenix from the ashes.
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Forgive me if it’s already been discussed, but I finally picked up the VIVE LE ROCK issue with the `Joke on the cover (it takes a while for these things to reach the States) and was heartened to hear Youth echo my frequently expressed sentiment that HOSANNAS is a crap record. He blames it on the drinking at the time.
Alex in NYC
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