[kj] Sex, Wax, n rock n Roll, 30 minute video on Big Paul

Nick Scott npscott at blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 4 07:04:33 EST 2015

Not sure how this slipped under the radar for me (video from February), unsure
if this has previously been mentioned before here, but a heads up for anyone

There is an autobiography book from DJ Mont Shearer to be released in 2016, and
as part of its promotion a 30 minute documentary about Big Paul has been done
and fascinating watching.

Watch [here <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyKJ5DmHc8E> ]

As for the book itself I have cut and pasted the blurb...definitely one to look
out for, its on my to buy list for sure.....

“Sex WAX n Rock n Roll” is an autobiography by legendary 80s-era underground DJ,
Mont Sherar. Sherar was a prime shaker of post-punk dancefloor vinyl, spanning
nearly the entire decade between 1980 to 1990.

A life story beginning in the 60s, unfolding into a pre-internet, post-punk,
dance club industry of the 80s — and the subsequent death of it in the 90s. The
internet, digital downloading and other technological advances, became tools for
everyday use — and abuse. Technology changed, the music industry changed, life
had changed.

Supplemented with personal contributions by many of the musicians who actually
made the music described within. A unique insight and perspective into a time of
musical magic, evolving technology, and so much more! "

Exclusive personal insights from many musicians and/or producers associated with
the following list of bands include :

The The
The Psychedelic Furs
The Sisters of Mercy
The Young Gods
Killing Joke
Skinny Puppy
Revolting Cocks
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Front Line Assembly
Bauhaus/Peter Murphy
Soft Cell
It's Immaterial
The Cure
Gang Of Four
Gene Loves Jezebel
Public Image Ltd.
Adam and the Ants
A Split – Second
Marilyn Manson
The Mission
Vicious Pink
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