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I was down the front from about half way through and it was suddenly musical statues for Turn to Red which was a bit odd.  


Killer night and loved the new stuff especially Panopticon which was a pleasant surprise indeed.  Just wish they would do away with Asteroid and to be honest don’t care much for Exorcism but do prefer it to Whiteout!!  Saw Big P doing the sigings but didn’t go over.




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Well its odd being back from a gig at 10:40 pm, saying that though the band did blindingly well considering the 10pm curfew.  Came on at 8:15 prompt and went off stage at 9:55 playing 20 tracks, thankfully (never liked it) missing a verse from Asteroid to cut it a bit short.

Sound was not too great, first few songs Geordie's guitar was mixed low and he looked pissed off for most the gig...crowd for the most part were in good spirits though, although static looking up to the balcony, wouldn't have liked to have been up in it to be honest.

We were spared any Jaz rants apart from the surprise of the night, don't know if it was played in Oxford or whether it was this tours debut but he said 'This one's for Edward Snowden' and launched into a blinding 'Panopticon' one of my faves from Pylon for sure, treat to these ears.

Highlights for me, 'Beautiful Dead', 'Panopticon,  a very tense 'Exorcism'' the although heard a million times before 'Eighties' and 'Love Like Blood' added nice lighthearted touches to the evenings gig and a fantastic 'Psyche', and always nice to hear 'Turn To Red' although surprisingly not a lot of movement down the front and I am convinced there seemed to be a number that didn't have recognition of it.

I really like 'Dawn Of The Hive' off the new album but the acoustics of the venue meant it as well as a number of other tracks sounded fairly poor, and I was not the only one to comment.

One bonus, Big Paul came out after the gig to the barrier shook a few hands and I managed to get the new CD booklet signed...would have hung around after the gig to see if I could get it signed by other band members but the side gate was locked with security where the tour bus was.

Good length gig, band (besides a functional but pissed off looking Geordie) seemed in good spirits albeit a little rushed on the job in hand, just I said slightly dampened by the acoustics.

They seem to be honing the setlist nicely, I feel those in Manchester Ritz tomorrow as well as London Roundhouse with support from Jah Wobble are going to be in for special nights indeed.

Tonights set :

The Wait
Autonomous Zone
Absent Friends
The Fall of Because
The Beautiful Dead
I Am the Virus
Money Is Not Our God
Dawn of the Hive
Love Like Blood
Into the Unknown

Turn to Red

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