[kj] OT: UKIP - The anti-Killing Joke party?

Jim Harper jimharper666 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 3 05:35:04 EDT 2014

Agreed. Even without their hateful policies on anyone who isn't British, voting for a party with no other policies is lunacy. 

Their views are alarmingly clear-cut; everyone in Britain is either a UKIP supporter or an apologist for Islamic fundamentalism. Claiming to be 'unsure' about their policies to a supporter or candidate is enough to earn you a lengthy histrionic rant about why you'll be personal responsible for mass beheadings in football stadiums and stonings in the street. Still, I suppose that's better than the EDL, who prefer to beat up dissenters.

Even if you don't like the main three parties (I sure as hell don't), register and vote for anyone who isn't the UKIP. Our country's not great, but it would be a lot worse with the UKIP in charge.


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 Date: Tuesday, 3 June, 2014, 8:13
 UKIP are
 Thinly veiled
 Nazi pricks full of hate and devoid of
 They have no
 policies other than anti Immigration and anti EU. Ask them
 about their healthcare, education, fiscal, infrastructure
 policies and they say that they are working on them and will
 have some in time for the next elections. 
 And people voted for
 they pose little threat at national level as they will not
 replace the big three parties. None of which are perfect but
 all are a huge improvement on Farage and his pond
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 #yiv5949746950 #yiv5949746950 --
 .yiv5949746950hmmessage P
 #yiv5949746950 body.yiv5949746950hmmessage
 With the UK Independence Party winning the
 European Elections in Britain, and their leader, Nigel
 Farage's racial slurs against Romanian and Bulgarian
 immigrants, what are other Gatherers thoughts about
 From reading several
 interviews, KJ have said they are a very pro-European
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