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In 86 I went to the "secret/low key" gig at rock city, notts. The warm up gig for reading at burton & reading festival itself all top gigs. They postponed the brats tour by a couple of months (nothing changes) then on the actual brats tour I went to Leeds where jaz & Geordie turned up about an hour half late after getting stuck in traffic on the motorway. When they arrived they actually were escorted through the waiting crowd and were onstage in about 10 mins I seem to remember. They  were fantastic that night one of the best times I've seen them. I also went the Manchester gig at the Apollo but that gig was spoiled for me because of the all seating. I think they played some nighttime stuff actually & some stuff from first album maybe requiem, complications (jon will know for sure). I also turned up for the rock city gig but when I got to the door it was cancelled because jaz had fell off the stage the night before in Bristol and fractured his arm. (if you watch the video of the 86 gig from Italy you can see his plaster cast) I also turned up for what should have been the last UK date at Birmingham odean only for that gig to be cancelled again (nothing changes) this time there was a note on the door saying jaz had pneumonia!! Which was bullshit I'm sure. Anyway they were on top form live that year from the gigs I went. Twilight was a cracking opener.

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Must have been quite a short show. Doubt they played 'A Southern Sky'
or the bonus tracks either so, what's that, six songs? A red hot half
an hour.

On 7/21/14, fatpotanga <fatpotanga at gmail.com> wrote:
> 1st time I saw them was the BTATS tour at a half full Manchester Apollo
> They were superb.
> I think the only song they didn't play off BTATS was Adorations which
> disappointed me.
> Twilight really stood out, as did Love of the Masses for the bassline.
> There was no older stuff, no encore. Nothing off Night Time as I recall
> although I may be wrong.
> Extremities, I recall seeing them a few times close together both before &
> after it's release.
> I remember thinking how tried & run down Jaz looked at one of them. He
> struggled through Age of Greed having to pause between lines.
> I guess Extremities was all about musically kicking back at the industry,
> righting the wrongs of OTG, but also paying some bills?
> On 21 Jul 2014, at 19:41, adrianwason at btinternet.com wrote:
>> I got the impression that the atmosphere was red hot on the btats tour,
>> was a bit flat at the end of the extremities tour despite the music
>> because they were going there separate ways again
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