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Peter Moltesen sneakypete at uwclub.net
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Cheers both – I’ve not got a mac, though

I’ve got audacity – mainly use it for tweaking the sound of bootlegs,
wasn’t aware that you can

mix multi tracks with it though


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if yr coming off of 4 trk land then i think that audacity is about as simple
as you can get and kind of even has a tape deck layout vibe to it.available
for mac or pc or linux or whatever...[but if you are on a mac i would go for
garageband probably as my daughter raves about it and shes a lot smarter
than i am]


oh yeah this is free

happy recording


On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 8:32 AM, Jari Pakarinen <jari.t.pakarinen at gmail.com>

Garageband on Mac, free if you have a mac, Sonar on PC is cheap.
You will probably need a soundcard or external box to record audio also.


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Can anyone recommend some decent recording / mixing software thats
relatively easy to use?

I need something to replace my old 4 track


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