[kj] Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove - wha' happen?

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speaking of ghosts of ladbroke grove, has anyone heard laser attack by scientist? naughty.

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Subject: [kj] Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove - wha' happen?


For all those curious as to "What's happened to Ladbroke Grove?",
here be some clues/answers.

By chance, I perked up earlier today when I heard the phrase
'Ladbroke Grove' on the wireless. The programme seems to have been a
trip down memory lane. It is billed as:

"BBC Radio 4 - Reimagining the City, Series 2, Birmingham",

- "Musician Soweto Kinch offers a different vision of a city he's
loved all his life - Birmingham."

Even though the main focus is Birmingham, mid-way through it does
however make a brief reference to an old haunt being Ladbroke Grove,
the subsequent gentrification theroef, followed by an exodus to
Birmingham. Mr. Kinch also discusses the ethos where it is all about
the art (rather than another hit single). The programme is largely a
trip down memory lane with a lot of music sampled from the period. I
hope some will find this of interest.

Trek along to - http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b03s645s - and you
should find an online listenable version of today's programme, I'll
be having a re-listen myself.

On another note, just received my delightfully presented copy of
'Letters From Cythera' yesterday. It is a most enticing read and my
thanks go to Jaz for (living and) documenting all this.


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