[kj] Letters from Cythera - The Order of Kaph

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Fri Jan 24 14:43:46 EST 2014

Received my signed copy of Jaz's book. Well done Colesy for saving the project! I look forward to reading it. (485 pages). From the inside cover blurb:
"Letters from Cythera traces the author's various metaphysical and philosophical ideas and their influence on his music. Also outlined in the work is the Supersynthesis, a Renaissance principle that has enabled and facilitated Jaz Coleman's many accomplishments, spanning acting, conducting, singing, composing, geomancy, architecture, music production, occult history and Hermetic systems.
Letters from Cythera was written from the isolated perspective of the author's residence on a South Pacific Island."
The Order of Kaph sounds intriguing, wonder if it will be a replacement for the Order of the Distant Island Charter (ODIC), or a new occult order?
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