[kj] "KJ in Dub" Pledge campaign at 99%:

Rob Moss rob.moss at gmx.com
Tue Jan 7 05:42:09 EST 2014

I'm hoping for good things.

Of course this will lump in some of the trancey bollocks Youth did, but bits heard show that there is an effort to make something really "dubby"

Fingers crossed
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Right now I have more interest in this project than hearing another new Killing Joke album,although the last one was an improvement. Now the dust has settled, the songs I listen to most fromthe last 2 albums are In Cythera, All Hallow's Eve, European Super State and Ghosts of Ladbroke Grove.
I sorely miss experimental/pop/disco/dub Joke, as opposed to the current, workmanlike plodding rock Joke,so I am really looking forward to this.

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Alex Smith wrote:

By the same token, let's face it -- 'dub mixes' aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea. The completists (like...er....me) will, of course, want it (not least for the Colesy artwork), but this isn't exactly standard-fare KJ.

Just saying.

Alex in NYC

I'm a near-completist as far as KJ stuff goes but I have zero interest in this project.


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