[kj] Who is this guy and why does he have nice things to say about KJ?

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Thu Feb 20 11:36:20 EST 2014

CM: Apart from your father, who has made the most impact on you in life?
I know the answer immediately. I worked with a band called Killing Joke
who were a big band in the 80's, and their guitarist is a guy called
Geordie Walker. He was the first experience I had of Rock and Roll. It
was his aura, and I said "Whoa, you have the thing that everybody talks
about", he had the thing that the Sex Pistols and James Brown had. He
made the biggest impact on me; he gave me the biggest compliment. I was
on holiday in Spain, and I was stood in a vineyard, soaking up the
atmosphere and I got a phone call from him and he asked what I was doing
and then he said "You know what Noah; you are an enigma to me". I
replied with "I don't know what to say but I'll take that as a
compliment as you are the meaning of Rock and Roll to me".


Noah Francis Johnson
He's a 50-year-old adult contemporary soul singer, born in Wales and produced by Chris Kimsey. I would be curious to know the connection, since he indicates he knows Geordie personally. The music is what it is. I'm not going to slam someone's honest effort just because I dislike the genre as a whole.

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