[kj] (OT) For the Cocteaus Fans

Jim Harper jimharper666 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 22 06:53:43 EST 2013

Afternoon all.

At the risk of boring you all by mentioning Buck-Tick *yet again*, I thought this might interest the Cocteau Twins fans on the list. BT's vocalist Atsushi Sakurai released his only solo album several years ago, taking the opportunity to work with his favourite musicians from Japan and the west. Each guest composed one track, with Sakurai providing all the vocals and lyrics. Western contributors included Wayne Hussey, Raymond Watts, J.G. Thirlwell (who turns in one of his mutant swing experiments), Clan of Xymox and Robin Guthrie. Here is Guthrie's contribution (I apologise for the pictures- nothing to do with me, honest!):




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