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Jim Harper jimharper666 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Nov 15 09:53:36 EST 2013

In any such situation I should probably go for one of the many Japanese I listen to that have little or no fanbase elsewhere. I'd start with Buck-Tick, a band of devoted Bauhaus/Peter Murphy/Love and Rockets followers who also list Killing Joke, the Cure, Japan, Pig and Joy Division among their biggest influences. They've released 18 albums since 1986, none of which have been released outside of Japan, and which range from 'okay' to brilliant, original, wildly experimental and utterly surprising. Incredibly successful in Japan, they made the transition from spiky pop to anything else without losing their loyal fanbase, despite the music industry's contention that Buck-Tick were nothing more than a fad that should leave proper music to the real musicians. If they're known in the west, it's usually because of their occasional collaborations with Raymond Watts and KMFDM, as well as luminaries like Coil, Julianne Regan, Danny Hyde, Autechre and Keith

So there.


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