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Thanks for fleshing that out; I tried to look it up but totally failed. Duh.

And belated greetings Tracey - I am aware of a couple other Gatherers in
Aussie, but they have been maintaining radio silence recently. (Suits, me, I
owe one of them lunch ;) There used to be a gatherer called Geoffrey up in
Queensland, not sure if he's still around.."coo eeeeeee"?

I spent a couple years' in Sydney recently-ish, and get over about once a
year, usually for Soundwave or similar.

Myself and my erstwhile friend Johnny Bongo make up the Kiwi contingent on
the Gathering.

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FYI: the book in question was self-published through Xlibris in the UK and
is available as an eBook or trade paperback from various sources, including
Amazon and Barnes & Noble, which is apparently still a thing. Links here:


The book includes information from the Mark Prindle review site:

There are a few similar "growing up with KJ" memoirs out there, including
the one that collates all the interviews together in one place, but I forget
the name. I was unaware of this new book; thanks to Tracey for bringing it
to my attention.

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> Hi Gatherers

> Just purchased and read 'I was a Killing Joke' by Jodi C King and wondered

what your thoughts were on it. Basically about a fans life involved around
our beautiful band. Am currently reading Hookys 'Unknown Pleasures' and
January should get Letters From Cythera. Your thoughts would be interesting

> Cheers

> Tracey


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