[kj] KJ live @ Metropolis Studios Saturday Sept 8, 2012

samuel rowe samueldavidrowe at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Jul 25 10:46:30 EDT 2012

I've been lucky enough not to have lost money in the past over postponed/cancelled gigs, so I can't really moan about that. Although Killing Joke are one of the only bands I'm into who continually do that kind of shit.
Charging their fans £200 then charging everyone to buy the DVD is a piss take. No-one pays to be an extra in TV or films, they get paid to do it. I hope the place is fucking empty. "oh, I've signed out of money, Big Paul handles all my money now" which means he's got Paul as his glorified accountant. How dare he lecture people about exploitation and capaitalism when this is a prime example of it, it will cost them very little to make a DVD in a tiny studio. I also don't buy it when he says he only has around £1000 in the bank at any time, he flies all around the world, is an in-demand conductor and composer and owns his own bloody island. Trent Reznor had the right idea when he released his music for free and gave fans tons of HD live footage, it cost him nothing to do so why would he charge?
I'm rapidly going off my favourite band and it makes me angry.
I won't be going, they can fuck themselves.


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