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This World Helll has grown on me- when I had the CD on loop for awhile,
I used to actually skip it- I have a 'hardcore' background so the
heaviness of it I like-- and the content is poignant to me- "they're
using food as a weapon" is so intense and resonates with the work I do.
I guess I was hoping/expecting something a bit more complex and
'nuanced' then the material on this last album-- but its all grown on
me a lot.
though I also think things shouldn't have to 'grown on you' if its
going to resonate deep with you.
actually the last kj album that totally clicked with me right off the
bat was 'Extremities..'
oh, well I guess 2003 did also, I almost forgot about that one. -

and I will say (mentioned in the post below) that an ongoing element
with them that really detracts from their work is their songs are just
too damn long...to just a casual listener I think its too much and
people get bored. to listen to one long song after another and people
are left with a lesser impression then they could if things were
truncated a bit.

On Tuesday, September 13, 2011, ADRIAN WASON
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&gt; the worst song ever except for lanterns and the shit song from

2003( i dont want

&gt; to remember the name of


&gt; every track from otg is 10 times better than that shit fucking

boring tuneless

&gt; pointless ponderous piece of crap-the alltime have a piss and bar

song and its

&gt; so long you can have one of those wonderful craps that take so

long you feel 2

&gt; stone lighter

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