[kj] Just Back from Spain....(recording sessions)

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I look forward to hearing more of what happened :)

At the risk of getting egged what's the Island CD?
I've been away for two weeks..

On 4 Sep 2011, at 22:22, Frenchy Frenzy wrote:

> Hi all,


> I just came back yesterday afternoon after 3 days spent in Spain at Youth's home & recording studio in Spain with him (of course) Jaz and .....BPF who will (and is) drumming on the next album.

> Further details and short report during this week (unless you don't want it ha ha ha )


> Just had a message from Jaz's wife Brenda concerning the ordering of the CDs JAZ COLEMAN ISLAND SESSIONS


> "Hello, We just sent all of the details for costs to the gatherers who responded to the Island CD. We had to tell them to send cash (euros). Could you please send them a memo saying that this is not a scam and that they can trust us to send the cds. It is the only way we can do this, it is genuine-no fear! Thank you for helping. Great response for now too !"


> The only things i might add are that i know the 2 guys who owned the records shop in Geneva and they are trustful and very close to Jaz as he always stays at his house when he is in Geneva and i went there too last 20 oct 2010 for having a dinner in memory of Paul Raven and that i have ordered 2 copies for myself and one of the guy confirmed to me by phone and mail that they had been sent, so...


> Stephane "very privileged Frenchy Frenzy"


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