[kj] (OT) Adam and the Ants questions...

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Great call Jim, one of the classic unique albums. In my humble, easily the
best but I do like Kings but with that they found a formula and hammered it.
Stop there though anything after that is very ropey indeed either childish
or balladry. All the early b sides are great especially Lady the b side to
Young Parisians a punk classic which he played live recently. Terrible on
the guitar I am afraid.

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Hello folks!

Yesterday I made the formidable leap of actually buying my first Adam and
the Ants CD: the funky expanded edition of Dirk Wears White Sox with the
later singles on. It's great and all that, but it has left me needing
answers to a few questions, so of course I turned to the wizened old gnomes
of the Gathering...

a) Is this, as I've heard it called, his best album?

b) Since I like it, should I invest in Kings of the Wild Frontier?

c) Did the band routinely put blinding 'choons ('Beat My Guest', 'Physical'
etc) as b-sides? Should they be tracked down too?

d) Can anyone here play 'Physical'? I think I have it figured out, but am I
right in thinking the riff moves between E5 (022) and the open strings?

Help would be appreciated!


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