[kj] (OT) Dangerous Dancing?

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So, intimidation is.. not so bad? We should be grateful that however things
turn out, that we will never be as bad as Iran(?)

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'Intimidation' is a lot better than the treatment others get at the hands of
actual armies of occupation and less restrained police forces around the globe.
I'd imagine there are plenty of people in, say, Iran who would relish the chance
to get carted off to waste a few hours in a cell before being released largely

As for keeping people in check, it's obviously not working. As demonstrated,
youtube's full of people exercising their right to be 'unchecked' before telling
the entire world about it. I don't see many of them becoming reluctant to open
their mouths in future or resolving to stay 'off the radar' from now on. In
fact, there are plenty who appear to make a living (or at least a reputation)
from not being 'checked'.


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They are truly an army of occupation and intimidation designed to keep people in


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