[kj] (OT) Dangerous Dancing?

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Of course, they weren't causing a threat to anyone at any point at all. Any
rational person would agree with you. Even those cops know that there was
nothing wrong with what was going on. The facts remain though: If some cop tells
you "If you do this, you will be arrested" and you start doing it, provoking
them and being all cute, well guess what? In Washington DC on a national
monument, no less. It's really not hard to avoid trouble, with cops or
otherwise, so long as a person can keep their desperate need for attention at
bay. For these people, it's a battle they clearly can't win.



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Were they threatening harm (mental or physical) in anyway? If yes, why didn't
the police cite them with disorderly conduct, or similar?
In the street, the majority of people would just avoid them. All this tells me
is that nothing really ever changes. From Poll Tax to Gulf War.

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what I mentioned wasn't going into whether it was constitutional or
unconstitutional (the cops stances and reactions) but the fact of once it got to
the point it did, the outcome was entirely predictable.

 whether it's right or wrong or somewhere in between, there is just a heightened
standard of conduct when you are within the monuments and  inside places as
such- that's just how it is (everyone around here knows that)  and that is the
point you arent factoring in.

if they were in front of the monument or on the mall, no one would have cared-
and if something as such happened to them when they were just on the front
steps, well then that would have been another story.

and if they started in with their 'dance' and the cops then came over and
started in like that without a warning, then that would have been different

 to me this is 'activism' at its worst- to the general public it makes activists
come off as cheap flakes and in a deeper sense its the epitome of the statement
'what you resist persists' - this just feeds the machine more and reinforces the
system they are trying to bring light upon- its a lose lose.
 there are right ways and wrong ways at going about things- that was neither,
that was just dumb.


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> ..its just ingrained......  


>  that, what.. despite the Constitution & the Bill Of Rights (that should be

>ingrained deeper than anything else even police may 'encourage'/'discourage' at

>any given place/moment) stating all unstated rights are the People's unless

>expressly legislated by Congress, that despite such 'quaint' and 'antiquated'

>principles (they are 200+ yrs.old, after all) we shouldn't do, nay, we are wrong

>and fuckeen' criminals - outlaws! - in doing!, anything that, at most, the

>police won't like simply because they don't like?


>Is there a law criminalizing "F[ucking] around and be[ing] 'cute'?" That would

>be THE ONLY decision worthy of defending then, not that (just/only) some cops

>just didn't like it. Right? I mean, LAWS are supposed to be defended, not cops'

>pet-peeves, and not cops just because they're cops and our love for

>Authorit-[attach suffix of choice here]. Right? I guess.. dunno anymore.  

>> ..and were provoking the cops...


>So, being [only] a smart-ass is now illegally Criminal (redundancy for

>emphasis)? I'm guessing if they would've actually crossed the line (i.e. the

>Law) you wouldn't hesitate a second to say so, so I may assume that you meant

>only a smart-ass?


>I think the comment about that misses


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