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nicholas fitzpatrick gasw30 at hotmail.com
Fri May 20 09:53:54 EDT 2011

Following the recent-ish news that the Pussy Cat Dolls played a private gig for Gaddafi's son, I was with someone who works for an events company the other day and she told me that Goldfrapp recently did a corporate gig for about 70 business people to mark the opening of some new tower block/plaza in London. It might come as no surprise that I don't care about the Pussy Cat Dolls, but Goldfrapp doing this sort of thing I feel is just naff. Isn't Alison Goldfrapp rich enough already? I actually almost like Goldfrapp. Maybe they're not a principled band but I thought they'd have more style than to do some corporate bash.

I was also told that Rod Stewart played at the Sultan of Brunei's son's 18th birthday, whenever that was. I'm not bothered about Rod... but Goldfrapp!!

Why do rich people do this? It's like Dawn French advertising Tesco. Why? And Goldfrapp... what's with them...?

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