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Rob Moss rob.moss at gmx.com
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On the Orb, I just spoke to Mike and it's not shelved. It's still to be done, but potentially the last ever release.

Thought I better clarify that!

Thanks for the positive words folks.

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Well done Rob

I had a few pints with Mike last week while on a quick visit to the motherland,
it was obvious from what he was saying things were getting tough, but he was feeling positive about the new
Orb album - but if that is now shelved, then he really is up against it. It's a damn shame!

I bought the Vertical Smile big box and once again am amazed at the level of detail and
all the time and dedication he has put into it. You don't get many 'products' like this.
(Do you think Youth did one big painting and cut it into a 100 squares or did he
really do 100 different paintings?)
And I am liking quite a lot of the album - When We Were Young reminds me of the
Screaming Blue Messiahs, in a weird electro way, and elsewhere I think Youth has been listening to a lot
of Yello and KMFDM, which is no bad thing. It is way better than I thought it was going to be.

I would go the gig if I was there - everyone who can, buy a ticket!


On 17 June 2011 12:38, Rob Moss < rob.moss at gmx.com > wrote:


I am back for a short visit, a weekend break if you will.

Reason is that I have some distressing news and , frankly want to, need to ask your help please.

Colesy is reall up against it. Without going in to too much detail, the banks have turned nasty on him and are making life unbearable.

The simple truth is that Malicious Damage, the iconic record label that brought you Killing Joke, could disappear.
Speaking to Mike yesterday, he had planned a new Orb album in the Autumn but that is now shelved.

Reality is that he needs to get some cash in to reduce the overdraft or it will be pulled.

So I would like to ask your help and support please.
I know times are tough, but if you have any possibility to consider buying just one item from his web shop, you could make a massive difference.


The new Vertical Smile album is there for example. Doesn't matter if you don't like it! It's a KJ related thing and, shit, we bought OTG didn't we?
Personally I like it!!

I'd also recommned Analogue Mindfield, Bob Meyer and HFB. Headcount are shit though.

There's all sorts there, cds, vinyl, T shirts, artwork.

Anything you can do will be greatly appreciated and might just do the trick.

i know that no-one here owes anyone any favours and apologies if some are offended by this request, but I can't let him go down without a fight!

It's not a crying wolf situation, this isn't a shitty ploy to just bump up sales a bit, it's a real situation and I hope you can help out.

Thanks y'all


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