[kj] Roundhouse gig 2012 -Chameleons VOX

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Wed Aug 3 11:46:00 EDT 2011

I think I'm in Camp 1, too...it feels like the stranglers without Hugh Cornwall...or one of those many Damned reincarnations...or Magazine without McGeoch on guitar..

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Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2011 16:39:45 +0100
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Thanks Brian,

I guess I'm someone who'd like to think he was in 'Camp 2' but is secretly in 'Camp 1'
Having said that I like the idea of a few beers & a sling along.

On 3 Aug 2011, at 16:21, Brian Whitehead wrote:
There are two very aposing camps regarding Chameleons Vox. There are some of the die hard Chameleons fans who absolutely hate what has happened and then there are those people like me who take it a little less seriously and just have a few beers and a sing-a-long. If I had to be honest it's very much a tributey bandy with Mark singing - still a belting night out though. Don't expect anything like The Witchwood gigs of 2000. Also to be honest I probably wouldn't travel to see them but The Ruby Lounge is local.



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