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he's been talking like this the last 3 albums- this is nothing new.
and I don't view these quotes as 'right wing' -
and don't worry when the rfid chips happen, it will seem like a keen, cool


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Wow. Now I understand the "right wing Peter Gabriel" part:

Jaz: There is no more gold. The money isn't redeemable by gold or silver
and we all know it. We've got a much bigger problem here which I've spoken
about before. Basically we're gonna have RFID chips, and everything will be
on them, so if you want food from a supermarket you'll just swipe your hand
because they'll be implanted inside you, and this is the vision some
people in the Anglo-American establishment have for the future.

It's like Jaz Coleman has been watching a lot of Glenn Beck and Alex
Jones.... He's also ranting against unions in the interview. :/

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