[kj] Duende II...?

jon chapman jonniespatula at hotmail.co.uk
Wed Apr 6 07:17:11 EDT 2011

It's a bloody good idea that,but like me Shagging Lindsay Lohan....it'll never happen...................unless i force myself on her.


> Been thinking a lot about this.

> There are some great tunes in the archives but tunes which maybe the band or fans aren't that happy with but they're still great tunes.


> I'd really love them to do a Duende II but use it to rework some of the ones that fell short such as OTG (some brilliant songs, but the execution, well almost ended up as the execution of killing joke...) or some of Democracy played as it was intended, or fix some of Geordies beef with Firedances. Blue Feather, Obsession, New Culture etc etc

> Basically jam them out as a live band & do them as they would do them now.

> I'd find a series of Duende's with obscure material quite appealing, even if they were download only.


> Of course it'll never happen, but maybe there's another possibility for the fans pay for tracks they'd like to hear?



> Speaking of democracy which for those who saw the handful of gigs - was it as the final product or were the loops added?

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