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LOL, don't forget Denis Leary ;)

>From wikipeedo: 'an industry joke began to circulate about Leary's transformation and subsequent success (roughly; "Question: Why is Denis Leary a star while Bill Hicks is unknown? Answer: Because there's no cure for cancer"'

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The only other comedians I'd put in that category (and none as good as Hicks) would be George Carlin, and lately, Joe Rogan, who's a surprising find actually.


PS: I haven't watched this in ages so apologies if it sucks, but from memory it's pretty cool.


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Hey everyone!
Strange, angering, yet I am still gonna try to catch it. In the US David Letterman will be showing on Friday, the 30th, 11:30 EST the routine of Bill Hicks' that was never aired by Letterman in 1994 because it was considered too "controversial". The routine that sullied his relationship with the media to a degree.

His mother Mary will also be a guest (the irony that the legal executor of the estate is the ex attorney for Billy Ray Cyrus, but then you can't make this shit up.).........
Damn, it has been 14 years! Are there any comedians that are flying under the radar that should be checked out? I am still looking for one whose voice is so resonant with truth and humour.



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