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Really sorry to read your blog. Had no idea.

My experiences with the NHS extend back 30 years, as I've been receiving
treatment for Crohn's Disease. Took three specialists 15 years to arrive at
a diagnosis, but it's a notoriously difficult condition to identify.

You're absolutely right - unless you identify yourself as someone who stands
out from the mass of those stoically accepting their condition, you'll be
overlooked. I've had to befriend people I wouldn't otherwise in order to
receive the treatment I get (monthly infusions, etc.), and although I've
taken a stand on several occasions on behalf of people I've met on wards who
have that peculiarly English tendency to wish to avoid drawing attention to
themselves, I've seen many, many more who have just accepted their health
situation without being fired up to pester health professionals to take an
interest. I don't blame the latter; they do a thankless job for little
recognition, but I've found it's a personal connection that makes the

On the other hand, despite Sicko painting a rhetorically hyperbolic picture
of the excellence of the NHS, at least I don't need to find £1500 for each

Hope things improve,

Hungerford, UK

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its a huge organisation that moves slowly. When we live in a world of
quick get it now pay later etc its a culture shock. Seeing as i first
went to the doctor in August and diagnosed in September i am out of
the guideline requirement for treatment. Saying that if the surgery
had been sucessful it would be finished. As it is we are still waiting
at the start line. The NHS is staffed by professional healers and once
they see you as a person with intent to heal they respond, otherwise
you get lost in the greyness of those waiting to die. I tend to get
the best out of the people as they see positivity. The Traditional
Chinese Medicine approach is something that attracts me and i will use
that to cure my liver.
Guess for those wondering wtf we are talking about:
if you have never had a blood test to check for hep c do it now ffs.

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Brendan <bq at soundgardener.co.nz> wrote:

> How did you find the NHS Pat? I know there are a lot of complaints about

> it but watching Sicko and various other things looks like it's not too bad

> compared to the US.


> Nice gash by the way. Sorry had to be said :)


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