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Well, this is a band with a long history.....if I was introducing someone to KJ for the first time, regardless of how much I love it, I wouldn't start with the later period. I mean, this seems to be status quo with any band. One would feel annoyed if all those great tunes of the past were not played....and they still seemed to be fleshing out the new stuff.

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I think the current strategy is fiscal rather than fan related but who can blame them?
Someone on the list recently intimated they're like a tribute act to themselves currently and it's hard to argue with that. Bar 'Asteroid' they play nothing from the last 3 albums and the 2 'new' songs are the lamest KJ efforts since OTG. Hopefully, there's a mitt full of new stuff being rehearsed in the gaps between these appearances but I doubt it.

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I've always thought that the Joke's recent festival appearances are probably a great way to attract some new fans among people coming to see other bands, but if they're not pretty high up the bill and getting a decent slot in terms of length, there's no point in going just for them.


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> Holy crap, I'm shocked and stunned... a 30-min set at midday?

I had seriously considered going, I am now glad we decided we couldn’t afford it!

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