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I had Pandemonium for 12 years before I got into any more KJ for some
reason. Has always been one of my favourite albums...

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Same with me. Actually, it was later than 2003. But suddenly it
"clicked," and it sort of all fell into place after I heard the 2003 LP
and esp. Hosannas. Sort of weird. Then I worked my way backwards and it
all made sense (except '86 - '89 as I've mentioned before). No excuse
for me, though, since I've always liked a lot of the bands folks into KJ
tend to also like -- like Gang of Four, Bauhaus, Joy Division, and the
like. I'd just never really sat down and listened to them 'til not too
long ago.


TB wrote:

> "B. Oliver Sheppard" wrote:



>> Has anyone NOT mentioned Killing Joke yet?


>> Now that would be funny. :) (Well, to me...)


> Up until the '03 album and tour, Killing Joke was far from my favorite

> band.



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