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Hi Mel
Bought the new one Monotheist after someone recommended it on this list
- the KJ sound it most reminds me of is Gratitude...which is about the
only track on Hosannas that I can take.

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achually,i have no idear what celtic frost sound like ;-/ can anyone
a few starter c.ds of theres and perhaps put up a link so that those who
not familiar with c/f material,can have a sample?

melinda ps not really a fan of" deep dark metal,as a rule" as rob.h
describes parts of c/f sounding like,am open to suggestion though ;-D

melinda ps i dont care if theres any spelling/grammer mistakes only
afterall ;-)

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>Anybody at the Koko gig on Sunday, fantastic......just got into them

>recently, flavours of Sabbath/KJ/Bauhaus in deep dark metal. They

>supported Kreator (who were shit).







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