[kj] O/T The Most Overrated Album In The World....Ever

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I prefer jam with my peanut butter. Anyway, I feel the same about the Joke.
And Sonic Youth.

Here's an example - I adore Throbbing Gristle yet many modernerer fans
of noisey music rate TG as tame, 'cos, like, Merzbow is louder for longer,
or whatever. They're TOTALLY missing the point. "My band's louder than
your band...". Like KJ, TG invented the fucking lot.

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Okay -- this will get me in trouble, I just know it. But I haven't heard
anything from Sonic Youth that I think merits the high-cult
status/critical acclaim they have.

Before you unleash the hounds on me, I'd like to mention a lot of the
hoi polloi feel this way about Killing Joke, too. Two of my favorite
bands are Killing Joke and Fugazi, and I have heard plenty of times that
folks just do not understand what is so special about either of them, as
well. Similarly, I just don't get what is so great about Sonic Youth.

I also don't like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Phillipps Marc wrote:

> >Not that anyone here is defending it, but THRILLER by Michael Jackson.

> Fucking crappity 80's r'n'b



> I must admit a grudging respect for Quincy Jones production on that

> album though . .



> Can I mention Dark Side of the Moon? . . good album but it's not THAT

> good . .

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