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Tue Feb 20 11:48:17 EST 2007

Not much of a review really, cos I gotta go out now!!! But disc one is
what I think is one of these "interesting to hear, but not gonna be a big
repeat-play" type thing. Interesting to hear them at work on songs, but
really, it's the finished items (ie. the album itself) that I'll always go
for in the end.
Been listening to a few Extremities shows lately, so while this is a good
one on the CD, I don't think it's mind-blowing. But with 6 Extremities
songs in the set it's probably the one to go for if yer in need of some
live Joke from this time.
Maybe I'm just jaded hahaha! I'd give it 6/10, or 8/10 if you don't
already have an Extremities gig.
But what do I know?!

Dave in Edinburgh

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> >Dave in Edinburgh (still playing Inside Extremities!)


>Do we get a review?



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