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oliver,let me correct you,

john was approached by a nature t.v.channel to do a report on " gorilors in
the wild" ( you know,gorilors as in apes,monkeys...ok you understand) this
programme was shown on u.k t.v only,john whilst out in africa,spent some
time with 2 african tribes--what he ment on that is,irrespective of
colour,(johns white--those tribes people were black africans) they were
brought together through music, and nothing else figured-- neither to john
or the tribes people--music he did with the 2 tribes,he also brought them
together-- whilst he was out there doing the documentry ok.

also,yes its true,john--being irish/english by roots was/is correct,there is
no way the level of race problems as there is in u.s.a in england,there are
whole sections in various parts of u.s.a that i /others would not go
to,because of the race problems,backward thinking and general attitude of
some people out there--

there is no where that i would avoid in the u.k down to race problems, and
infact anywhere else in the world really-(-as theres hardly any of those
attitudes)-- as in comparreson to parts of u.s.a because of the race
problems!!! ( i know as ive been to most places in the world already)

also,john was getting the other guy who you thought he insulted but your
wrong(i guess a u.s.a. african) to lighten up and to see how stupid this
whole black/white segregation attitude is,which is a bit rife in u.s.a,ive
been to u.s.a,john lives there

john was talking from his general exsperiences of what he was brought up
around and compairing--in relation to the u.s.a in parts,the other guys
exsperiences and how he was brought up to believe!!

ok ;)) johns a good guy,you missunderstood through lack of facts!!

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>I saw that interview. He was also pretty damn drunk, and made some awkward

>comments to the African-American actor next to him (whose name I forget)

>about how in England they don't have race problems like us in the US and

>he's been to Africa to see gorillas, etc., etc. That part was kind of






>>Johnny did an interview on a US talk show (Jimmy Kimmel?) just after they

>>refused to show up to the rock and roll Hall of Fame dinner and he was, as

>>most British bands say at the end of gigs, "fucking brilliant"> He gave a

>>great defense of the Pistols and made it clear that they want nothing to

>>do w/the rock-n-roll corporate mainstream, and gave a sense that the

>>Pistols live on as a cultural force...Wish I had taped it...





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