[kj] OT: JOB

Nuclear Boy Nuclear.Boy at seznam.cz
Wed Mar 30 13:28:28 EST 2005

Hey Jokers,

I have something personal to ask ... thinking that i might be lucky.

Since I just found out that I am broke I need to get extra income. My idea
is to make layout for magazínes, pamphlets or so. I am not professional, but
I think I can do a decent job and I can do quite cheaply compared with
US/Western Europe standards. I can present some of my works and we can make
a deal and arrangements.

So I am just making a try ... maybe someone of you might welcome such a
service. Whoever would be interested, please, contact me off the list.
(Others, please, ignore this e-mail! Sorry for bothering you with this

If I receive texts and general idea of how the publication should look like
(its style) I can produce it and send back in pdf format. 

Pavel in Prague

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