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Tue Mar 29 02:39:27 EST 2005

I've always had a soft spot for this album, mainly because of Geordie.
There are some dodgy tracks for deffo but it was a return to form for Geordie after a fairly bland showing on Pandemonium.
Also, I think that whilst some of the lyrics were a bit cringey it was Jaz at his most honest rather than the angry strap-on-an-attitude approach from KJ2003.
Pilgrimage is my 2nd fave ever KJ song (after Empire Song, natch) as well.
If it'd had a better drummer and producer I reckon Democracy would have been amazing.

Alex Smith <vassifer at earthlink.net> wrote:

On the way to work this morning, my iPod set to a random selection of `Joke tracks, the melifluously malevolent strains of "Savage Freedom" filled my `phones. I'm not a big supporter of the DEMOCRACY record, but **OOF** does this track ever cook. Sure, it's a bit busy (was the acoustic guitar necessary?), but with the possible exception of "Aeon," it's the best thing on the album. 

Agree? Disagree? Others to discuss?

Alex in NYC
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