[kj] loose cannon

bluce ree bluceree2003 at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 27 19:28:45 EST 2005

mel, asteroid/blood/seeingred/implant are all great tracks no argument there.
Total Invasion is an unbelievably lazy track.  It's the worst guitar I've ever heard Geordie play and Jaz (whilst being the best thing on the album) sounds crap on it.  Same with Dark Forces for that matter. 
Death n Res is okay but in no way brilliant.  House/Cannon/Inferno are all super-forgettable (in fact I literally cannot at this moment recall how Inferno goes at all).
And the less said about YNGTM the better!
For me KJ2003 was the moment that I gave up on KJ ever being the band they used to be.  The elegance of Geordie, the subtle dark bass of Youth and the sheer 'Jazness' of Jaz were replaced by a fairly straightforward rock/metal band.  It seemed as though everything about it was designed to pander to a Kerrang audience but even that didnt work mainly because the record label only put out two singles (one being rubbish and having a terrible video, and the other being great but having what would have been a good video except that QOTSA had done it first and much better).

melinda grant <hollytree1961 at hotmail.com> wrote:
bluce, r u mad? kj2003,was/is bloody brilliant,can u seriously say 
that.....total invasion/blood on there hands/asteriod n death n res show r 
not masterpieceses?? lyrically/musically/politically,they stand high above 
anything the joke has done in yrs,i must disagree with u,kj2003 i think will 
be remembered
amongst the best stuff that they have done,there where 1 or 2 white 
elephants in there,as there is on all albums,but out of 100- i give it 85 
percent--remember it was very up to date,they could of come up with some 
thing like b.t.h.s after all those yrs being absent,but they did not thank 
goodness --- the joke deserve credict where credict isdue... mel ps no 
disrespect to u blucy ok

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>Loose Cannon is and has always been rubbish!
>KJ2003 will not, in the scheme of things, be remembered as one of the best 
>KJ albums.
>Jpwhkj at aol.com wrote:
>I just played the Loose Cannon DVD to my almost-16-year-old daughter.
>She reckons it's cool, (a) 'cos she likes the song (says the guitar sounds 
>familiar), and (b) 'cos the video is "trippy", and (c) 'cos she likes the 
>idea of "urban animal".
>Actually, I'm inclined to agree with her. I like the track itself - it's 
>not the best on the album (which for me is Seeing Red), but I'd put in the 
>better half rather than the worse. But, and I know you'll all hate me for 
>this, I quite like the dancer too.
>So go on, slay me.
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