[kj] loose cannon

Alexander Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 27 14:03:47 EST 2005

Well, Raven still looks reasonably spry. Geordie looks like he's aged 
(beyond the hair), but basically pretty good. I think Jaz is in serious 
need of a haircut and maybe a light diet, but he's alright otherwise.

Alex in NYC.....who himself has aged in a manner suggesting a life 

On Sunday, March 27, 2005, at 02:01 PM, melinda grant wrote:

> in reply to alex........u said that gordie should stop worrying about 
> going bald---yeah i agree there,although he does seem to wear the hat 
> well--u said that raven still looks pritty fit--i say,he looks a bit 
> of a mess,getting fatter,with an armful of 
> tatoos--uukk/revolting--,now if u want to mention who is fit,and looks 
> great 4 there age,then that hs to be JAZ,looks like he has lost some 
> weight,not a tatoo in sight,and still looks exceptionally pritty/not 
> pansy in eyeliner,or am i bias...mel
> ps the loose cannon vid was not that impressive,or is it that i also 
> dislike breakdancing--they could of come up with something alot 
> better--i did nit get to see cosleys vertion,even without seeing 
> it,certain that it would of been head n shoulders concerning 
> artistic/vid with a deeper meaning,in comparrison to the original crap 
> that was put out..........mel
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>> Subject: Re: [kj] loose cannon
>> Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 17:00:31 -0500
>> Based on conversation I had with Andy and Colesy about the video of 
>> "Loose Cannon" I had back in February (Coles showed us the original 
>> video idea he'd been working on before things went sour, and it was 
>> magnificent), I recently gave the track another spin. I don't 
>> necessarily *HATE* it, but it pains me that they chose it as a 
>> single, as there are hugely superior tracks to be found on the record 
>> (most notably the afore-mentioned "Seeing Red" and my personal 
>> favorite, "Blood On Your Hands").
>> Also, I'm sorry, but I just don't like breakdancing. I didn't like it 
>> when Devo put breakdancers in the video for "Are You Experienced?" 
>> and I sure don't like'em in Killing Joke videos. I'm not saying 
>> there's anything *wrong* with breakdancing, but it just doesn't 
>> belong with Killing Joke. It also seemed like they were trying to 
>> hide their age. C'mon, lads, you're ELDER STATESMEN....be proud of 
>> it. In the same way Geordie should stop worrying about being bald 
>> (take off those silly hats, man), the `Joke as a whole should stop 
>> worrying about looking old and fat (though, I must say, Raven still 
>> looks pretty fit).
>> Alex in NYC
>> On Saturday, March 26, 2005, at 03:56 PM, Jpwhkj at aol.com wrote:
>>> I just played the Loose Cannon DVD to my almost-16-year-old daughter.
>>> She reckons it's cool, (a) 'cos she likes the song (says the guitar 
>>> sounds familiar), and (b) 'cos the video is "trippy", and (c) 'cos 
>>> she likes the idea of "urban animal".
>>> Actually, I'm inclined to agree with her. I like the track itself - 
>>> it's not the best on the album (which for me is Seeing Red), but I'd 
>>> put in the better half rather than the worse. But, and I know you'll 
>>> all hate me for this, I quite like the dancer too.
>>> So go on, slay me.
>>> Jamie
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