[kj] (ot) Billy Idol.... hahahahahahahahahaha

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Sun Mar 27 08:57:39 EST 2005

.... chortle!
I saw his new video last night.... oh my god.... I dont think I'll ever recover.  It is without a doubt the funniest, most awful thing I've ever seen. 
The video is the usual 80s on-stage heavy rock thing, but with a terrible, terrible Billy singing to a woman in the crowd thing going on (like that Springsteen video with Courtney Cox in it).
Now, I barely remember much of his earlier works but I'm pretty sure he used to try and sound american like most UK rock acts did.  Well now he's putting on the mockney, coupled with the fact that he really cannot sing.  He struggles throughout the song which features some of the worst lyrics imaginable.
You are the lock
I am the key
Climb up my lemon tree

I mean for fuck's sake... how bad is that?  Oh... not bad enough?  Okay... try....
Pretty baby in the back of my car
Look now, you’ve gone too far
Have a slice of my lemon pie
One more will get you high

the video ends with two more laughably awful things.  Firstly the camera pans out to reveal about thousands of people in the audience when clearly there were about 50 max and then right at the end the woman in the crowd passes out and when she recovers Billy is there and he says....
'are you alright, love'... 
it sort of all sounded like The Cult at their very worst, but even more shit!

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