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Alexander Smith vassifer at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 26 17:00:31 EST 2005

Based on conversation I had with Andy and Colesy about the video of 
"Loose Cannon" I had back in February (Coles showed us the original 
video idea he'd been working on before things went sour, and it was 
magnificent), I recently gave the track another spin. I don't 
necessarily *HATE* it, but it pains me that they chose it as a single, 
as there are hugely superior tracks to be found on the record (most 
notably the afore-mentioned "Seeing Red" and my personal favorite, 
"Blood On Your Hands").

Also, I'm sorry, but I just don't like breakdancing. I didn't like it 
when Devo put breakdancers in the video for "Are You Experienced?" and 
I sure don't like'em in Killing Joke videos. I'm not saying there's 
anything *wrong* with breakdancing, but it just doesn't belong with 
Killing Joke. It also seemed like they were trying to hide their age. 
C'mon, lads, you're ELDER STATESMEN....be proud of it. In the same way 
Geordie should stop worrying about being bald (take off those silly 
hats, man), the `Joke as a whole should stop worrying about looking old 
and fat (though, I must say, Raven still looks pretty fit).

Alex in NYC

On Saturday, March 26, 2005, at 03:56 PM, Jpwhkj at aol.com wrote:

> I just played the Loose Cannon DVD to my almost-16-year-old daughter.
> She reckons it's cool, (a) 'cos she likes the song (says the guitar 
> sounds familiar), and (b) 'cos the video is "trippy", and (c) 'cos she 
> likes the idea of "urban animal".
> Actually, I'm inclined to agree with her. I like the track itself - 
> it's not the best on the album (which for me is Seeing Red), but I'd 
> put in the better half rather than the worse. But, and I know you'll 
> all hate me for this, I quite like the dancer too.
> So go on, slay me.
> Jamie
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