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Fri Mar 25 13:09:09 EST 2005

I was chatting with one of our Paris correspondents (from TIME 
magazine) this week, and he was all psyched because he'd just 
interviewed Bernie Sumner and Peter Hook of New Order, which led to a 
discussion of bands we liked. I mentioned that I'd just been over to 
see Killing Joke, and he said he'd seen them perform in San Francisco 
circa WHAT'S THIS FOR...! and had been kicked in the face by Jaz 
Coleman. Apparently the guy standing NEXT to him down in the "knitting 
circle" kept insisting on pulling Jaz's microphone chord (which 
understandably pissed Jaz off). Trouble is, when it came time for 
retribution, Jaz confused the culprit with my colleague Bruce (who, 
nicely, didn't hold any grudges).

Anyway, the quote I reminded of by him was: "Always loved that album of 
theirs with the sleeve that looks like a Monty Python cartoon" (meaning 

Alex in NYC

On Friday, March 25, 2005, at 11:47 AM, Jiri wrote:

> Too bad they didn't mention it in the article.
> What a fu#%ing fantastic cover--I know it's not the version Colesy 
> preferred (said poster of which I have on my living room wall)--but 
> it's still such a great visual, wrapping such a great album...a 
> perfect mix of sound, words and image. Whenever I see that cloud, that 
> sky, those colours, that beach tourist (ha!), I immediately hear 
> Geordie's haunting chords, the thumping drums, the ominous keys, 
> vocals and bass. It's all one experience for me...ah, just what an 
> album and its art should be. Okay, now I'm getting all teary eyed...I 
> think I need more sleep.
> Jpwhkj at aol.com wrote:
>> ...had an article on new wave album covers (the article was also 
>> about what was new wave and what was punk - quite entertaining and 
>> tongue in cheek).
>> Anyway, one of the ones shown in the illustrations was what's THIS 
>> for...! in all its splendour. Unfortunately it didn't get a mention 
>> in the article itself.
>> Jamie
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